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Our medical system is failing physicians. We are leaving medicine in droves. We are anxious, depressed, overwhelmed and dying by suicide. 

The medical system has been built on physician exploitation and we have been conditioned to keep our heads down and "be a team player"

The Rebel Physician Revolution is about reclaiming individual power and sovereignty in a system meant to manipulate us and this community provides you the free resources and support to do just that.

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The offers in this community is entirely free for physicians. With relevant and unfiltered advice and tangible guidance that has proven results, these resources are meant to help you ASAP. Because I am still a practicing physician, I understand the current climate and toxicity of our medical system firsthand.

Confidence Masterclass

My most watched masterclass "3 things confident doctors never do" is included among these workshops that help you increase your confidence in the clinic, OR and while on call.

Coping after Complications

This succinct and actionable webinar has helped hundreds of surgeons after complications and unanticipated outcomes.

External Validation Addiction

Doctors are conditioned to seek out external validation at the expense of our own wellbeing. This masterclass teaches the science behind our addiction and how to overcome it.

More confidence, more fulfillment, more balance

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Hi! I'm Kristin...

I am an Ob/Gyn physician, speaker and author. I left my toxic job in 2022 despite my $500k loan student loan debt, being the primary breadwinner for my family of 6 and a contract that benefited the hospital system way more than it did me.

I provide guidance, encouragement and resources to help suffering physicians step into their POWER and create a medical job that they actually enjoy.


Why Rebel?

Physicians are literally fighting for our lives as we try to heal other humans. If you are drowning, we can help you. If you are stuck in a toxic job, we can help you. If you know that you want something more but you don't know what that is, we can help you. If you are already a REBEL PHYSICIAN, join and support your peers! If you have an offer to help physicians in any way and you want to be added to the VETTED resource list , I want to hear from you!

Rebel Physician Podcast

Resources for physicians on the rebel journey. 

Interviews with Rebel Physicians.

Support for your fight against toxic medical culture

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